I am an IT manager living in Holland. In my spare time I try to stay fit with cycling. I am absolutely crazy about dogs. Besides my family, nothing gives me more joy than spending time with dogs.  Unfortunately I don’t have a dog anymore myself, due to long working days, so until I do have one myself, I am a dog sitter whenever I can.
I visit our office in Kuala Lumpur a few times per year. So when the chance came to help out Uncle Vin,  I took the opportunity immediately.
It is impossible to save or help each and every dog, so I decided to commit myself to helping out Uncle Vin in every way possible for me. Setting up the website is one thing. Besides that I will try to raise as much money so we can provide Uncle Vin with a regular supply of dogfood and hopefully help to pay for the vet bill. Needless to say that from now on, hands on help will also be provided every time I am in Kuala Lumpur for work.
My efforts will be worth every single second, if it helped to save or relocate 1 single dog and if Uncle Vin can feed the dogs left in the shelter.